LCT Magazine - April 2017

F&I / SPECIAL EVENTS ISSUE COVER STORY: * Don't Panic: Confronting Worst Fears - Fleet Risks * *


Keeping Up With Brides

The latest guide to matching up your transportation services to the desires of wedding clients.

Schoolhouse Rules

If you want to become a preferred provider for proms and student events, then get ready to be taught and tested.

How To Get The Best Bus Fleet Deal

Bigger buses may generate more revenue, but they require a different approach to vehicle financing than sedans and SUVs.

The Art of Good Leasing

See how a feasible alternative to purchasing can work in your favor if you get the right terms before signing the contract.

Elementary Education

If you want to get more prom limo business, you need to clue in to the next generation years before the big day.

Reducing Fleet Risks (COVER STORY)

As accident rates rise and police response rates decline, operators need to set up procedures, policies, and technology to gather the right information.

Knowing Your Neighbors

Paris Limousine of Oklahoma has created a business model that reflects its deep knowledge of the local area it serves.

Six Buyer Decision Points

Ask yourself these crucial questions before acquiring a new fleet vehicle.


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LCT Magazine - April 2017
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