LCT Magazine - August 2017

MILLENNIALS/FAST 40 ISSUE COVER STORY: * How to Score & Keep The Best Young Talent * *


Giving Your Operation A Youthful Allure

Learn how to hire the people you would want on your staff if you ever hope to keep up with industry disruptions.

Leading A New Generation (COVER STORY)

Don't believe the stereotypes about Millennial young adults.  Knowing what they expect and need in the workplace and how to manage them will help you keep them longer.

How To Market Your Risk Prevention

You can gain a competitive edge with TNC's by using these approaches with corporate travel managers tasked with keeping their employees safe.

Do You Know How To Let Go Of Your Business?

Your quality of life depends on how well your operations run when you are out.  Here are ways to delegate your baby so you can develop your customized "freedom plan."

Why The ADA Market Is A Good Fit For Chauffeured Transportation

Clients covered under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) present a growing niche for this industry.  One company has created a division that serves as a model for service.


Why You Need A Plan B, C And D

The many details and procedures needed to keep your motorcoaches moving in all types of circumstances require constant attention for old and new operators alike.

Making More Money With Big Buses

Seasoned charter bus operators get creative in growing their client base and marketing their services.


This Company Doesn't Worry About TNC's

A New York operator gets motivation to strive for excellent customer service.

The Best Kind Of Perks

Charity efforts done right can deliver a three-fer: Good will, better reputation, and employee team spirit.

No More Labels

Getting past generational stereotypes and media slogans is the first step to courting a new generation of workers.


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LCT Magazine - August 2017
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