LCT Magazine - December 2016

GLOBAL/INTERNATIONAL ISSUE COVER STORY: * The Coolest Operators on the Planet * *


Who Are This Year's Coolest On the Planet? (COVER STORY)

Innovative up-and-comers share unique approaches anyone can use to upgrade operations.

Iceland Company Sells Rare Experiences

Operator Omar Djermoun constantly tries out new places and nooks on this exotic North Atlantic island.

Acton/SoCal Penske Grows Into A One-Stop Fleet Shop

Four years in, an original coast-to-coast arrangement gains big fleet vehicle market share.

Paris Operator Acts Globally

Patrick Pierron builds on a legacy of customer service with a strong ethical approach and social good deeds.

How to Win Back Business In Local Markets

You can outsmart Uber and Lyft with these solid practices from a veteran operator.

How To Reap A Bountiful Affiliate Harvest

Farming in and out is a lot like cultivating a healthy selection of crops.

Mix Up Your Marketing Formula

Don't get stuck doing the same old things to get noticed.  Here are some ideas to put you on the right path.


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LCT Magazine - December 2016