LCT Magazine Fact Book 2014-2015

LCT Fact Book 2014-2015
-Facts & Stats


Big Numbers Tell All
These key benchmark f gures show an industry getting stronger each year since 2010.

Master Limo Operator Survey
A detailed account of statistics, polled from more than 300 operators on all aspects of a chauffeured transportation business.

Scanning Beyond The Survey
The chauffeured transportation industry is linked with many others sectors of business, which produce data of interest to limousine operators.

Bus Breakdown
The latest stats and trends in the motorcoach sector speak to the growing charter and tour segment of chauffeured transportation.

Operators On The Record
Uber, fuel prices and insurance rates rank among some of the top concerns among survey respondents this year.


Limo Associations, Licensing Agencies & Trade Groups


Featured Industry Vendors By Category

Master Industry Suppliers/Vendors List


OEM, Limo, Van and Bus Vehicle Builders


OEM and Independent Dealerships


- Connected
- Publisher’s Page
- Farm In/Farm Out
- Dealer Showroom
- Ad Index
- Editor’s Letter

LCT Magazine Fact Book 2014-2015
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