LCT Magazine - February 2018

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New Year, More Choices (COVER STORY)

It's time to up the ante when it comes to your fleet.  Here's a sampling of what can take your service to the top in 2018.

Executive Coach Builders Bridges Market Gap

The largest limousine maker in the world shifts to a bus-centric model that's a cutaway-motorcoach hybrid.

Don't Get Too Comfortable With Clients

Learn why diversification is vital to your business no matter what the economy is like.

Getting All Your Buses In A Row

A veteran operator breaks down a checklist of what you need to know before you buy a new coach.

Stiff Words For You

LCT East keynote speaker Ronn Torossian shocked the audience and opened their minds to what they're not telling the travelling public.

What Is Easy Is Not Always Right

And what is right is not always easy.  Learn why running an ethical business is the only way to go, even if your competitors don't agree.


The Party Stops Here

Alcohol, "safety" polies, and rowdy clients may seem like a combination forged in hell when keeping your bus clean and safe.  Here's how to prevent losses and recover from them if you must.

Clean Up Your Office Messes

From email to service failures, a roundtable session at LCT East got operators giving their best advice for staying organized and on top of problems.


Less Of Me, More Of You

Here's how to make 2018 the year of humility.  Your staff and coworkers will thank you and admire you for it.

SEO No-Noes

Be smart about how you invest money to ensure you make the first page on a Google search.

Yes You Can

There's power in commitment.  Stop hesitating and make a vow to stay on the path to health and happincess.

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LCT Magazine - February 2018