LCT Magazine - January 2017

THE MONEY ISSUE COVER STORY: * Dashboard Helps Steer Company Finances * *


How Your Budgets Can Be Your GPS

The finer your line items, the more likely you'll spot the revenue wasters that nibble your profits.

Pricing For More Profit

With pressure from TNCs, it's time to go all-in on your rates.  Why the days of fees and add-ons are over.

Are You Part Of A Monied Class?

Operators who meet in peer-to-peer consulting groups bare all their finances to achieve stronger results.

Holding Yourself To An Accountant

Whether your financial, tax, and bookkeeping services should be in-house or from outside rests on many factors.

Dashboard Helps Steer Company Finances (COVER STORY)

One operator has created a unique, simple tool to track real-time money metrics, just for limousine services.

A Workplace Of Ravers

How to get your staff motivated to land and keep clients and get along in the office.

Taking The Premium Out Of The Payment

Insurance experts advise operators how to lower fleet policy costs in a market of rising rates.

Look! They've Been Photo Bombed

Annual LCT-NLA Show East picture gallery shows off the industry's East Coast flavah.


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LCT Magazine - January 2017