LCT Magazine - July 2014


Make That Move

Moving 1,000 people or more on buses in a coordinated timeline takes a lot of precision and logistical awareness.


All Aboard Allied

The top-of-the-line Krystal and Federal Coach bus brands are being refined and repositioned by the largest commercial bus manufacturer in the U.S.

Smooth Contract Landings

Getting managed corporate travel business involves a new set of protocols that change the traditional ways of pitching your chauffeured services.

Please, Mr. Doorman

How to capture, manage and maximize hotel and resort business.  You have to get through the front door before you can pull up to it.

Growing the Middle Class

BMW rounds out its chauffeured transportation program with the 5-Series sedan, which proves its worth as a competitive luxury sedan option.

TNC Tipping Points

How should the limousine industry survive and compete in an app-driven transportation market?

On the Meds

The once lucrative pharma and medical industries are opting for low-profile, no-nonsense transportation services for meetings.


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LCT Magazine - July 2014
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