LCT Magazine - July 2018



MCI Appeals To Wider Customer Base (COVER STORY)

Whether buying new or used, operators can take advantage of bus builder's strong product options and support for luxury bus transportation.

Managing Time With ELDs

You can't always make long bus trips in under 10 hours, especially when there's lots of traffic.  Here's how to remain compliant.

What Is The True Cost Of Running A Coach?

From fixed to variable, you need to know how a motorcoach will affect your bottom line before buying one.

Meet The Industry's Visionary Top 1%

The annual LCT Summit produced some memorable social moments.  We hope you don't have FOMO: Fear of missing out.

How To Make Money By Helping Others

Speaker Sam Mallikarjunan shows why genuinely caring about client needs will be the main quality that sets you apart from your competitors.

Three Big Lessons For More Successful Operations

Online Exclusives: Here's a sampling of some recent industry seminars that can help you with workplace recruitment, creating a vibrant company culture, and upselling your clients.


Finding The Right Price On Tour Packages

Understanding the cost of running buses and motorcoaches is key to creating profitable rate structures.

Authentic Ways To Promote Your Business

Two speakers demonstrate why you must provide engaging, helpful content instead of just spouting, "Buy my Service!"


Utah Operator Has A Heart For Service

Facing steep obstacles, Trinity Machan succeeds with style and grit running a small fleet.

Educate Your Clients To Choose You

These tools can help you win over riders by promoting the best about your service.

The Before And After Of Keeping Clients

Where are you focusing most of your attention to customer detail?

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LCT Magazine - July 2018