LCT Magazine - March 2018



Grech Motors Redefines Luxury Curb Appeal (COVER STORY)

A new long bus model debuting March 11-14 puts the vehicle maker into the charter and tour client category.

Exhibit Floor Brings New Products

The marketplace offers plenty of gadgets, services, and supplies from the most industry businesses under one roof.

How To Meet The Right People

A trade show is not a place to wing it.  Make sure you have a plan to connect with the best contacts for more business.

Operation Points The Way For Luxury Service

Paris-based Cardel Global adds a concierge and travel agency to complement its chauffeured transportation.

Can You Unlearn What You Know?

These sweeping changes and growing markets promise to forever shake up the way you run your business.

Who Comes First: Clients Or Employees?

There's only one right answer and what you choose will determine how well your company succeeds.

Elevating Seniority Status

How you manage older chauffeurs and change with them says a lot about your company.

Escot Bus Lines Sets High Bar

The Florida-based charter and tour company ranks among the industry's elite.  See all it does right.


Smoke Smell Begone

With marijuana joining the ranks of cigars and cigarettes, how do operators air out vehicles after clients misbehave?

Finding the Capital To Expand

The Small Business Administration offers loans that can help a fleet operation grow, but first you need to follow this guide to getting one.


3 Steps To Attract Better Workers

Every candidate can see your reputation on job search sites and social media.

5 Ways To Boost Sales & Marketing

Emails and social media will make or break your outreach to new clients.

All The Time In The World

If you can't find it, then you should do a better job managing yourself.

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LCT Magazine - March 2018