LCT Magazine - May 2017

Post International LCT Show Issue COVER STORY: * Best Operators of 2017: Their Winning Secrets Revealed * *


Winners Serve As Industry Role Models (COVER STORY)

LCT's annual awards program is not just about recognition; the celebrated owners all offer some innovative ideas.

See Who's Got It Going On

The annual Show photo gallery showcases the verve, flair, and spunk among industry members who know how to work and play.

Vehicles Are Supporting Actors

Second only to the people, the Show brought a record number and variety of fleet vehicles in one place.

Good Times Ahead If You Can Adapt

The annual presentation deciphered the key technology and economic trends operators need to move ahead.

Political, Media Climates Shift For The Better

A tilt toward business and away from TNCs could yield some long-sought industry breakthroughs.

Working The Social Circuit

A recap of all of the big parties and popular networking events that spur more business.

How To Succeed If No One Is Watching

ESPN's Herm Edwards spoke about the business practices that should never change.

Why Uber Is In A Bad Place

Will the TNC survive beyond five years?  Is it finally facing a perfect storm of setbacks?

45 Ways To Supercharge Your Business

This grab bag of good ideas touches on every aspect of running a top-notch chauffeured service.

Pick Up Those Dirty Towels

One bad employee or mistake can cost you dearly in lost revenue.  Learn how to train and motivate for peak performance.

Creating A Culture That Brings Out The Best

How to give employees reasons to look beyond themselves and toward your greater company goals.


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LCT Magazine - May 2017