LCT Magazine - November 2016

COVER STORY: * iCARS Creates a New Model Of Limo Service * *


Are You Ready For Riots?

As urban unrest spread to Charlotte, N.C., operators had to prepare for the unpredictable while keeping clients safe.  Here's what they learned in real time.

Grab Bag Of B2B Tips

Get a speakers' preview of valuable insights for your operations before heading to LCT-NLA Show East.

iCARS Creates A New Model Of Limo Service (COVER STORY)

Now the chauffeurred transportation industry has a growing go-to-app and operations portal that caters to the duty-of-care minded business travel sector.

Software Companies Make Matches

The industry movement toward inter-connected back-office and affiliate management systems gains street cred among operators and vendors.

Don't Make Failure An Option

Learn six of the most common ways businesses slowly end up six feet under.

System On The Down

As Hurricane Matthew proved, 24/7 businesses need back-up plans for the ultimate disruption.


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LCT Magazine - November 2016