LCT Magazine - October 2016

COVER STORY: * Leverage Tech To Levitate Your Operations * *


GPS Can Smooth Out Your Runs

The system does much more than track your fleet.  Real-time data can lead to more revenue.

Is Your Company Mobile Friendly?

If your website doesn't respond to digital devices, you are losing prospective customers.

Driverless = Stopless ?

24/7 vehicles that run without humans onboard are coming faster than expected.  What does it mean for your operation?

How To Manage Your Tech

More software, gadgets and data mean more time away from operations.  Who you gonna call ?

Running On A Cloud

With so much data always ready and everywhere, what happens when it falls from the stratosphere?

Stand Out With Book.llmo

Today's customers want reserving a ride to be as easy as 1,2,3.  Ryan Hilberth's new embeddable widget makes it possible.

Leverage Tech To Levitate Your Operations (COVER STORY)

Operator Michael Lindsay shows how software, systems and gadgets should match the needs and goals of your business.

Background Checks Get The Finger

At least from TNCs.  But operators are finding out fingerprint checks are worth the added time and challenge.


If your website looks good in print, it'll be even better online. Check out these leading examples.


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LCT Magazine - October 2016
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