LCT Magazine - September 2017

MOTORCOACH / BUS ISSUE COVER STORY: * Irizar Racks Up A Good Rookie Year * *


How To Make Your Big Buses Last Longer

These key lessons will show experienced and new motorcoach operators alike the maintenance practices that lead to fleet longevity and lower overall operating costs.

Irizar Racks Up A Good Rookie Year (COVER STORY)

The sleek luxury motorcoach entered the U.S. market last year and was quick to impress many of its first wave of customers into becoming repeat buyers.

Why Limo And Bus Operators Belong At BusCon

The annual Expo this month in Indianapolis will bring several speakers and seminars familiar to the limousine industry who will share some best motorcoach practices.

Where And How To Find Bus Drivers

One of the toughest challenges facing motorcoach operators is finding qualified drivers who will stick around for the long hauls.

Caio Drives Value Deep Into Buses

The busmaker from Brazill uses 60% American parts to build motorcoaches easy to repair and at an entry level price range.


Facebook Helps Operators Connect 24/7

Here's how to choose and leverage the growing number of groups dedicated to finding affiliates, sharing advice, and sounding off on industry matters.

Laboring Under More Laws

Operators often don't get any formal training on how to comply with the bloated corpus of state and federal labor laws for chauffeurs and drivers.  Find out how to stay abreast and meet the test.


Bermuda Operation Farms Them In

Quality Transport serves a big hub of international business on a tiny British isle in the middle of the Atlantic.

Get Off the Bus, Fast

Are you prepared to lead your passengers to safety in a bus emergency?  Here's how to train drivers for all vehicles and situations.

What Your Youngest Clients Really Want

These three amenity points will help you score more Millennial customers for group transportation.


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LCT Magazine - September 2017
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